Steve Almond

As the Director responsible for company strategy at CityPay, Steve Almond brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. With a career deeply rooted in the payments industry, Steve is perfectly positioned to navigate CityPay through the pivotal moments of its next growth phase. His role capitalizes on his extensive background in the sector, ensuring that his strategic vision will be a guiding force for the company’s trajectory.

Steve’s journey in the FinTech industry is marked by his innovative approach and significant contributions. Notably, he was the driving force behind the launch of the UK’s first online shopping mall, BarclaySquare, in 1995 and the inception of the UK’s first bank-owned Internet Payment Service Provider service, Barclaycard ePDQ, in 1998.

As CEO of TxtOrder plc, Steve also spearheaded the UK’s pioneering mobile (SMS) payment solution in 2002, showcasing his forward-thinking mindset. His strategic acumen was further highlighted in his return to Barclays by the successful launch of Barclaycard’s International Internet Payment Solution, SmartPay, in 2009 .  His entrepreneurial prowess was again demonstrated when he established and expanded a card acceptance Independent Sales Organisation for Payzone UK.

Outside the corporate sphere, Steve dedicates time to philanthropic efforts as a Trustee for East Lancashire Hospice. His role there involves providing indispensable business and strategic advice, demonstrating his commitment to leveraging his expertise for the greater good. Steve’s multifaceted career, marked by strategic innovation and growth leadership, sets him apart as a luminary in the payment solutions domain and a valuable asset to CityPay and the community.